Sharing Jersusalem board members Jeni Vitarello, Jim Vitarello, and John Van Wagoner together with Reverend John Peterson, Canon for Global Justice at the Washington National Cathedral, and Reverend Monroe Wright, Facilitator for Sharing Jerusalem, during the Bethlehem procession following a special worship service in the Bethlehem Chapel at the Cathedral.Sharing Jerusalem is a grass-roots campaign that was launched in the Washington DC metro area in the spring of 2006 to educate, organize, and activate mainline churches in support of a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict - specifically, a two-state solution that would include a Jerusalem that is "shared" both politically between Israel and Palestine and religiously among Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

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Presentations at Gaza workshop

The February workshop at Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church focused on the current fighting and on-going blockade of Gaza. Click here to see the presentation by Phil Farah, a Palestinian-American Christian from Jerusalem whose family originates from Gaza. The panel included several other Palestinians and Kay Halpern, a concerned American Jew and active member of a local area synagogue. 

Israel–Palestine: a Progressive Jew’s Dilemma

On June 28, Kay Halpern led a service focused on Israel – Palestine at Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church.  Kay has long felt a disconnect between many of Israel's policies and the values of justice and compassion toward the stranger that are deeply rooted in Jewish tradition. She often feels torn between the two sides in this painful conflict, and tries very hard to listen to both sides, tease fact from fiction, and stand up for what she believes.  This sometimes means telling people on both sides things they don’t want to hear. Click here to see her presentation on “Israel – Palestine: a Progressive Jew’s Dilemma.”  

As part of the service, Kay also distributed and read excerpts from two recent op ed pieces from the LA Times, which present opposing views of Zionism.

Click below to read the two op eds:

Recent News and Action Items

Please take action by sending an email to your Congressman and Senator in support of Special Middle East Envoy, Sen. George Mitchell.


Exciting New Interfaith Middle-East Peace Coalition supporting President Obama's initiatives for peace!!!

Yes We Can: Middle East Peace (YesMEP)

Sharing Jerusalem hosted an important luncheon in early February, bringing together a group of local Middle-East peace activists from several Christian and Unitiarian denominations to discuss the possibility of forming an interfaith Middle-East peace network in the DC metro area. Out of that first meeting has grown an exciting new interfaith coalition called "Yes We Can: Middle East Peace" (YesMEP). The YesMEP coalition includes Muslims, Christians, Jews, Unitarian and interfaith groups that support President Obama's vision of a two-state solution and are committed, as Americans, to help rally public support for the role of America as a proactive and even-handed broker for peace in the Middle-East.

YesMEP's first major effort to bring awareness and support to this issue will be a unique performing arts event, which will be held at the 6th & I Historic Synagogue on Sunday, December 6th. This unusual event will feature an Israeli-Palestinian rock band, Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families sharing their stories, actors and actresses reading excerpts of relevant plays, and performances by local musicians. If you are interested in joining YesMEP or learning more about its event, please go to their website at or contact them at Below is the YesMEP Mission Statement.


Yes We Can: Middle East Peace (YesMEP) is a partnership of diverse religious and secular Americans in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who have come together to support President Obama’s initiative for a just and secure peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on a two-state solution. We believe that the establishment of a Palestinian state next to Israel, and a mutually satisfactory agreement regarding Jerusalem, a cornerstone of any peace agreement, will not only advance the interests of the United States, but will also provide security for Israelis, dignity and prosperity for Palestinians and a lasting peace for both nations.

Answering President Obama’s call, we strive to inspire mutual understanding and respect for both Israelis and Palestinians by fostering inclusiveness and inviting collaboration with other community organizations, as well as tapping the creative talents of young adults.  We are working to create a safe space for honest dialogue, personal narratives, cultural and artistic expression, collaborative education, and celebrating our common roots and values. In keeping with our shared principles of justice and preserving the dignity of all human beings, we are dedicated to working for a world where all can live with the assurance of mutual security, freedom and respect. 



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